PDQ Billing FAQ

1. What is PDQ Services? We are a third-party debt collector that collects bad debt on behalf of our clients. WE DO NOT BUY DEBT.  We work on a contingency fee basis which means that we only get paid a percentage of what we actually collect. 

2. How do I register? You will need to verify your identity using your last name, your zip code we have on file and your PDQ account number.

3. Why doesn’t my password work? Our passwords are case sensitive to ensure your privacy. Please make sure you do not have caps lock engaged when entering your password.

4. Why hasn’t my payment processed? While the payment is processed immediately please allow a few business days for any administrative processes such as a "Paid in Full Letter", reporting to credit agencies or other follow ups as needed. If this amount of time has expired, please feel free to call your account representative for payment confirmation.

5. Why don’t you save my credit card information for future payments? We don’t save your credit card information to help protect your privacy and sensitive banking information. We understand this may take a bit more time for you, but we feel it is beneficial in the long run.

6. What if I have questions about my account? Please visit our Contact Us page where you will find information to contact our employees that are happy to answer any of your questions.